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Carlos Henry

Born in 1972 in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Henry is a designer, cartoonist and a comics critic, he began publishing in 1989/90 in Ponto de Fuga fanzine, produced at UFRJ, attending after it several other fanzines.

Professionally he started in 1996, producing cartoons for the magazineCoquetel”, of Ediouro, then went toEditora Universal in 2000, creating illustrations for magazines, newspapers, books, stationery, etc.. In 1999, he won a Honorable Mention at the Salon of Comics & Cartoon of  Moura, in Portugal (Salão de Banda Desenhada & Cartoon de Moura). His most important works were published in the magazinesHistorieta, “Impacto-Fabricadoin Brazil and “La Bouche du Monde (France) and in the newspaperO Cidadão”. At 2001 he organized a Comics Workshop in project “Criança Petrobrás, the NGO CEASM.

In 2002, he published by Graphic Talents, published by “Editora Escala”, his own character named “Lobo-Guará, a typical Brazilian superhero, remembered today by fans and enthusiasts of the Brazilian Comics.

Moved to theParaiba in 2003, where he made illustrations for books, RPG of the publisher English Mongoose Publishing: Elemental Lands and Goodman Games. Then made
​​Comics characters for the Death Squad, Paladins (Argo Comics), Archers Team (Chameleon Studio), Satan's Fawn (Chiam Comics) and covers for Nuclea, Wyldfire and D-Frost (Twelve Comics).
More recently, published in the magazines Quadrix, Prismarte and Almanaque Meteoro. He is responsable by  studio “Desearte, graphic art 2D and 3D, which caters for Brazil and abroad, he is the editor of the label Webcomics Excelsior.



 He is a writer/blogger who lives in Chicago, Illinois. Hewrites about comics and popular culture for his personal blog, Blog THIS, Pal! (http://www.blogthispal.com) and for Comic Related (http://www.zone4podcast.com). He is also co-host of the Zone 4 podcast, which discusses news and views in comics and graphic literature (http://www.zone4podcast.com). For more information and other writings, please visit his web site at http://www.gordondymowski.com

Patricia Andrade

Born in 1977 in the city of Barreiro in Portugal. Already at a young age Patricia Andrade showed a very artistic and creative skill in her school work that was involving Arts or crafts.

In 1996 she had her first drawing published in the monthly magazine "Fantastic X-Men" No. 15 from the publisher “Abril” in the "art of the reader" section.

It was at the High School “Casquilhos”, where she studied that she began to reveal her taste for the art of animation, comics and illustration, a taste that engage  her in this area of ​​the Arts.

In 1999 she worked professionally as an animator (inbetweener) and as inker (cleaner) in the newly created studio "Magic Toons" with headquarters in Lisbon, belonging to the producer "Nova Imagem ", actively participated in television series such as "Angelitos" and in some commercial spots.
In 2001, continuing in the area of ​​animation, became collaborator of the studio "Neurones Portugal - Group Neuroplanet" whose headquarters was then located in Belgium. Worked in the Lisbon branch almost exclusively with the functions of a colorist, she participated throughout her time at the company painting frame by frame  the series "Franklin" and "The Lost World."

Later she became a freelancer in the studio "Animais Publicidade e Video" where she served as assistant to the production of short films as "Stuart", "Dinner in Lisbon" and later taking a small part in the painting of the children series "The Island of Colors. "

More recently she was part of an international project animation based in France where she worked as a "Concept Designer" and a consultant to "spaceships" and objects with fanciful and futuristic design.
Currently she dedicated herself to illustration, digital art, erotic art and multimedia works in general, always looking to develop more the skills acquired in the past.

In the present she develops a project at the Excelsior Webcomics a Webmaster of their site and as a colorist of the recreation of the old pulps series Black Bat
She as well works as a freelancer at the Portuguese publisher "Chiado Editora" (http://www.chiadoeditora.com/
You can visit her portfolio at: http://patriciaandrade.daportfolio.com/