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»»» The Beggining of the End «««

In the late '90s, a great crisis in the U.S. market made several comics publishers out of business. It was a time of great oppression and almost no editorial creativity.
But, not surprisingly, it was already foreshadowed. The stories have become so repetitive and confusing that even the most avid reader, got bored. Before the proper entertainment of the adventure was what catch the audience. But this was left in the background: what was worth was the wave of marketing.
Parallel universes, clones die here / there rises, blood and beating silly and brainless texts. This in many publishers!

But it was not always like this. I remember with some nostalgia the time when the variety of writing and art was the reason for the success of a good comic.
The authors would bring the characters closer to the reader, creating plots and subplots, forming a great identification between them. Be on Earth or in fictitious cities or non-forest, in space, in the old west, or fantastic worlds. Today these stories gave rise to a stereotyped reality, depriving us of the true pleasures of reading fiction.

How can we assess and fix the mistakes and improve, as authors of HQ? In my opinion, is returning to the past, when in 1938 the world saw the rise of Superman in Action Comics magazine. Not long after, in the following years, hundreds of heroes trying to draw the attention of young American readers.

Faster than any human, stronger than any human in their colorful clothes and glittering, able to fly and drop rays from hands. They lived their glory days, in their daily lives in the endless battle against evil. Endowed with superior skills, owners of extraordinary powers given by the gods, they felt omnipotent, sure of themselves and their ideals. Within the pages of comics they became indestructible! It was what the man most desired and never would have!

Is this altruism and values ​​we want to emphasize here in Excelsior Webcomics: heroes who aren’t confused with villains and who really have something going for it’s readers, however, without being corny. Of course, will have psychological content, and social and family, but no exaggeration to pseudo-intellectuals, with heroes in identity crisis.

Here, you, the reader, will be respected and will be sure to have something different and quality, without having to follow the "waves of the market"

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